WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Steiner Explains Drastic Change To His Look In WCW

Before he became "Big Poppa Pump," Scott Steiner was a popular babyface alongside his brother Rick Steiner, and the two captured gold multiple times. However, in 1998 Scott betrayed his brother, joined the NWO, and completely changed his look. On "Two Man Power Trip," Steiner recalled why he drastically changed his appearance.

According to Steiner, his drastic physical change was so that people would change their opinions of him. "We had wrestled everybody and we were popular, I knew I had to do a drastic change from what I was: the black hair and mullet, otherwise people would see me as the same, so that's when I turned on my brother." Continuing, Steiner recalled going to a salon in California to bleach his goatee and hair and noted how few people recognized him when he returned to the locker room. "I showed up and when I showed up, believe it or not, a whole lot of people didn't recognize me, a lot of the announcers didn't recognize me either because I didn't really tell anybody I was going to do it, the only person that knew it — I ran it by Eric Bischoff."

Lastly, he recalled how he also changed his wrestling style but was criticized for packing on too much muscle, as some began to claim he couldn't do the "Frankensteiner" anymore. "I could do the Frankensteiner, I just didn't want to do it because I didn't want people to cheer me, because it was a fairly popular move, so I basically just changed my style to ground-and-pound. I was paid to be a heel."

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