Rick Steiner Weighs In On WWE Taking Steiner Name From Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker is the current "NXT" Champion in WWE's developmental brand, however, Bron Breakker was not the initial name the son of WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner was going to use. WWE had trademarked the name Rex Steiner for the young up and comer, however, that is not the name he nor the company decided to move forward with. Rick weighed in on WWE changing his son's name from Steiner to Bron Breakker.

"I know [WWE] came up with Bron Breakker," Rick said while on "Table For 3." "Why not like Bron Steiner? Why, like, who comes up with that?" The Steiner name has been one that has been part of the wrestling business since the 1980s, with The Steiners being one of the most remembered tag teams from WCW. Breakker's uncle and Rick's brother, Scott Steiner, even held the WCW World Heavyweight Championship using the Steiner name. Breakker discussed how he came up with his current in-ring name and why he doesn't use the Steiner name.

"I kind of came up with it from football and just playing football I tried to hurt people or break people in half when I was blocking," Breakker said. "That's kind of how I came up with the name and I don't feel like we need to use the [Steiner] name for me to be successful. I mean, I think I should, just go my own, go my own route and pay tribute to [The Steiner Brothers.]" Breakker has found much success in WWE in his short time on TV, as he has already reigned as a two-time "NXT" Champion for a combined number of 235 days and counting.

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