Rick and Scott Steiner, the Steiner Brothers, were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame WrestleMania 38 weekend as part of the 2022 class.

The Steiner Brothers are best known for their time spent in WCW, where they were able to accumulate six WCW World Tag Team Championship reigns for a combined 290 days. The Steiner Brothers wrestled in WCW from 1989 all the way up until 2001, which was the year WWE bought out WCW. While doing a Sign-It-Live with Highspots Superstore, Rick discussed how the WrestleMania 38 weekend went for him and his brother.

“Being there, I mean, it was red carpet,” Rick said. “It was a pretty great time, and to experience it all with my family and to have my son introduce both of us, I mean, you know, not many parents or fathers get to [do that]. It was just an awesome moment for me with my brother.”

Bron Breakker was given the honor to induct his father, Rick, and his uncle, Scott, into the Hall of Fame. Since “NXT 2.0” began, Breakker has been a focal point of the product, winning the brand’s main title twice since 2.0’s inception. The first time Breakker won the title was on NXT 2.0’s New Year’s Evil special where he defeated Ciampa for it.

Breakker appeared in the main event of NXT: Stand and Deliver on WrestleMania Saturday, just a day after inducting his father and uncle into the Hall of Fame. Breakker took on NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler and was unsuccessful in his attempt at the gold. Breakker ultimately defeated Ziggler in a rematch the following Monday on “Monday Night Raw” for the NXT Championship.

Breakker will be defending his NXT Championship this Saturday, June 4th at “NXT: In Your House” against Joe Gacy.

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