Video: WWE's Karrion Kross Shares Final Testament Promo, With Footage Of WCW Legend

Paul Ellering isn't the only former territory star to be in the orbit of Karrion Kross's new Final Testament stable. A recent video showed wrestling legend Kevin Sullivan as "Father Kevin," a priest interested in saving Kross's soul from his own anger. Now a new video featuring "The Taskmaster," has been released. In the clip, released to Kross's social media, Kross explains his reasoning for turning down Sullivan's offer of salvation, with Scarlett on his shoulder like a proverbial devil. Intercut with clips of Sullivan's Satanic past, Kross explained that the world is "on a threshold" and promises that society will crumble.

"Who better to usher in the dawn of a new era, authors," Kross says as he's flanked by The Authors of Pain. The vignette appears to be drawing parallels between Kross's new faction and Sullivan's "family" from the early '80s in various wrestling territories. 

Neither of the videos was seemingly released by WWE, instead, both were posted to Kross's social media and YouTube, crediting Kross with writing and co-directing the vignettes, similar to the way Mustafa Ali used to film and release vignettes for himself during his time in WWE. Kross joined forces with Ellering and the Authors of Pain earlier this month, interrupting Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits' "All Mighty New Year" celebration on the first "WWE SmackDown" of 2024. The faction is the first substantial storyline for Kross since his WWE return in 2022, and the first appearance of The Authors of Pain in many years, despite the former "WWE NXT" Tag Team Champions having reportedly been signed to the company for over a year.