AEW's Adam Copeland Reacts To His Percy Jackson Wardrobe Being On Display

Outside of professional wrestling, Adam "Edge" Copeland has also ventured into the acting world industry, with his most recent role coming from the set of the Disney+ series "Percy Jackson and the Olympians." After signing on to the series in 2022, Copeland was cast as Ares, the god of war — a fearsome figure fueled by chaos and conflict. While this character appears in a limited capacity, his brooding wardrobe has earned a spot in a display case centered in one of Florida's most popular tourist attractions.

On Thursday morning, an X (formerly Twitter) user shared a close-up of Copeland's costume from the series, which has been placed behind glass at Disney's Hollywood Studios in the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida. Copeland later responded to the post, revealing that it was a pleasant surprise to him.

"Gotta say this wasn't on my bingo card for 2024, but I'll take it," Copeland wrote. "Life is crazy."

Earlier this month, Copeland spoke with Entertainment Weekly about how he thought Ares would fair inside a wrestling ring. Given that Ares is the god of war, Copeland believes the fictional character would be able to seamlessly translate his physicality into the squared circle. "My other gig [as a wrestler] is very much based on physical theater, so they definitely coincide," Copeland said. "I think Ares would've made one heck of a wrestler. There's a moment where he ups the intensity, and I was definitely dipping into my wrestling playbook for that."