Jeff Jarrett Explains Why Nick Aldis Was Given The Name Brutus Magnus In TNA

Nick Aldis is an accomplished pro wrestler with a decorated championship record, despite currently being used in an onscreen authority figure role in WWE. Interestingly, he initially established himself under the name Brutus Magnus in TNA, and on his "My World" podcast, Jeff Jarrett explained why his name was changed. According to Jarrett, the decision came around the time TNA was developing action figures and video games. Due to this, they wanted to have as many of their own intellectual properties as possible.

"Look, it's a different generation, different era, but there a was time where it was 'hey man, we need to create our own IP because it's better for business.'" Jarrett also clarified this was commonplace in the industry, and that at some stage he was also on the receiving end of it. "And look, I've been on both sides of it, my old man said years ago 'use your real name.'" He continued, noting that in TNA, he and Vince Russo banded together for the IP surrounding his name since Russo owned the rights to "Double J". "We kind of split the difference, Vince owned 'Double J' at a time I owned 'Jeff Jarrett', put it together, it was a unique IP."

Unfortunately, Jarrett claims he doesn't recall exactly how they came up with Brutus Magnus, and suggested either Aldis, Russo, or Dutch Mantell could tell that story. "I wish I could recall and tell you a fantastic story of how we came up with 'Brutus Magnus' but I don't recall it. He may know! Or maybe not ... Dutch or Vince may know, I don't know."

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