Kurt Angle Singles Out His Favorite Gimmick Match From TNA Run

When Kurt Angle left WWE in 2006, he quickly joined TNA, easily rising through the ranks and becoming one of the biggest main event stars. On "The Kurt Angle Show," the veteran recalled his favorite gimmick match of his TNA career.

"I would say my cage match against Anderson, Ken Anderson," Angle said. He continued, describing it as his toughest match at the time because of the differences between the WWE and TNA cages. "The cage was about five feet higher than the WWE cage. So, when I went up there to do that Moonsault, I looked down and I was like 'Maybe I'm not gonna do it tonight...' But I just said, 'What the hell?' And I went. But, because of that, I had to have knee surgery." Additionally, Angle revealed that TNA higher-ups had "impossible" restrictions to the match. "They told us 'We're gonna have a cage match, but you can't climb out and you can't get pinned and you can't tap out. The only thing you can do is leave [through] the door.'" According to Angle, this made the match difficult, and they had to somehow justify his Moonsault spot. "Why would we climb up the cage? Go up there to do any stunts? It wouldn't make any sense."

Angle continued, explaining that he and Ken Anderson decided that the spot would happen after Angle chased Anderson up to the top of the cage. In hindsight, the veteran recalled how he initially thought the match would be boring, but praised Anderson for helping him come up with the scenario. "Out of every cage match I've ever seen it's one of the best. If you haven't seen it, you have to look at it."

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