Bruce Prichard Proclaims This Maligned WWE Alum 'A Wonderful Man'

WWE Hall of Famer The Great Khali is a notable figure within WWE thanks to his massive stature, to his 61-day World Heavyweight Championship reign, and an ill-fated Punjabi Prison match against Batista in 2007. WWE executive Bruce Prichard was recently discussing the infamous Punjabi Prison stipulation on his "Something To Wrestle" podcast and had high praise for "The Punjabi Playboy" as a person, calling Khali a "wonderful man" and "the nicest guy in the world."

"When he's really tired and people come up to him and want a picture with him and want an autograph and everything, you can tell that he's just ready. All he wants to do is be left alone and sleep, he tries to give the mean face, but he can't because he's just too nice, so he does it," Prichard said. "He probably utters things at them in Pujabi and they don't know what they've been called, but the Great Khali legitimately was a prison guard in India ... So, he was a prison guard, so we couldn't call him 'The Big Boss Lee,' because that would have made it accurate, but he became the big giant Khali."

Great Khali retired in November 2014 so he could return to his home country. The real-life Dalip Singh Rana made his debut in WWE in 2006 and went on to become the first Indian-born World Heavyweight Champion. He was actually set to be involved in the first Punjabi Prison match in WWE, but elevated liver enzymes forced him out of the match at The Great American Bash in 2006, where he was replaced by Big Show, who took on The Undertaker. 

Following his WWE career, Khali went on to found a professional wrestling promotion in India in 2015 known as Continental Wrestling Entertainment, where he is also the head coach.