WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls Hulk Hogan's 1994 Arrival In WCW

Hulk Hogan's impact on the pro wrestling industry is undeniable, but just as the "Hulkster" was becoming a relic of his generation, he reinvented himself by jumping to WCW and shockingly turning heel.

According to Arn Anderson in the latest episode of his "ARN" podcast, Hogan's jump to WCW was met with high anticipation. He said that Hogan was seen as a superhero in WWE, however, his body change affected the way Vince McMahon could use him. 

"When your body changes drastically like that, you're not a superhero anymore. You're still Hulk Hogan, but you're not this 300-pound guy who just steamrolled every guy you had because that's the way the structure was,"  said Anderson.

Anderson also noted that fans likely picked up how much muscle Hogan lost, and began asking questions. He continued, claiming that Hogan was one of the best in the industry at self-marketing. 

"Well, it's crystal clear he's the smartest guy in the history of the business on how to market himself. He was a great self-promoter," said the Hall of Famer.

He again spoke about how shocking Hogan's eventual heel turn was since many in WCW expected him to save the day. "That's the way people felt, it was just a no-brainer and he was there to save the day. And boy, it went the other way ... You were floored."

Anderson recalled just how big the "Hulkster" was in McMahon's eyes, and claimed he was treated like Elvis Presley, and was by far the biggest star the pro wrestling business had ever seen.

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