Eric Bischoff: No One Knows This WWE & AEW Target Outside Of Internet, Social Media

AEW and WWE have been hotly competing to sign the biggest free agents, and currently one of the biggest names they're warring over is Kazuchika Okada. While it's unclear where he's heading, Eric Bischoff recently discussed Okada's options on "Strictly Business." According to Bischoff, Okada is still largely unknown in the United States wrestling scene, despite having an internet following. Due to this, "The Rainmaker" will have to choose the promotion that will be able to get him over. 

"Who can take Okada from whatever recognizability he has in the United States, who has the best ability to take Okada from where he is now to the level of an AJ Styles?" Bischoff continued, questioning whether Tony Khan would be able to do this for Okada, but admitted that MJF has been the exception. "MJF is definitely the hottest talent in AEW right now, and I think that has a lot more to do with MJF than Tony Khan. Outside of the internet wrestling universe, 75% of that roster could walk down the street in any city in the United States and nobody would recognize them."

Additionally, Bischoff also commented on the realistic challenges Okada will have to face to make a move to the United States. "You're talking about changing cultures, that's tough to do, and it's also legally difficult. Unless you're scooting across the border. Coming through the United States legally is a long, expensive process, that is also a factor."

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