WWE's R-Truth Looks Back On Beating Wrestling 'Icons' During TNA Run

R-Truth is considered by many to be one of the most hilarious wrestlers of the past decade, and his dedication to the industry is arguably unmatched. During a recent interview with Fightful, Truth briefly recalled working with Kurt Angle, Sting, and NFL veteran Adam "Pacman" Jones in TNA. Truth didn't elaborate too much about working with Angle and Sting but praised both legends. "Two icons, you know what I'm saying? Two icons!" When it came to his pairing with Jones, Truth claimed it was all doable because he's a team player. "All right, but check it out dog, it was great because I was ready, I'm a team player, you know what I'm saying?"

Continuing, he admitted that Jones had some limitations, but this allowed the duo to work better, which is something he's trying to bring into The Judgment Day as well. "It gave me more power to do what we had to do as a team, and that's what I'm bringing to The Judgment Day, see what I'm saying? That same kind of energy, that same kind of oomph."

Truth recently returned from a serious injury, but according to the star himself in the same interview, an infection during his rehab nearly ended his career, as amputation became a possibility. Luckily, Truth eventually got the infection under control, and while the rehab became easier after that, he credits his discipline to getting him back into the ring.

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