WWE's Natalya Possibly Helping Produce Hart Family Film Following Success Of Iron Claw

Following the recent success of A24's "The Iron Claw," many have wondered what other wrestling stories could be made into blockbuster pictures, and it seems that WWE star Natalya might be playing a part in bringing her family story to the silver screen. On January 14, Natalya posted an image on her Instagram account where she was pictured with Rory Culkin, the star of movies like "Signs" and "Scream 4." Culkin wasn't the only person of note in the picture, which also included Jordan Levine and Jordan Beckerman of Yale Productions, the company that has produced movies like "The Kill Room," "Seven Faces of Jane," and "Becky."

Natalya's caption noted that she was working on something near and dear to her heart, and according to a recent report by Fightful Select, that something involves possibly making a movie based on the Hart family, an idea that has been in the pipeline for some time. Levine and Beckerman have reportedly had interest in the idea for a while, to the point where some casting ideas have already been pitched. This could be where Culkin comes in, as the actor is a long-time wrestling fan and the brother of Kieran and Macaulay Culkin, the latter of whom has history with WWE after making a cameo on an episode of "WWE Raw" in 2009.

"The Iron Claw" has (perhaps ironically) turned into something of a feel-good story at the box office; as of this writing, it's grossed more than $32 million domestically, which is uncommon for a R-rated film. That success may have spurred renewed interest in movies about wrestling families, and the Harts are better known than "The Iron Claw's" subjects, the Von Erichs. Natalya is the granddaughter of family patriarch and Stampede Wrestling founder Stu Hart and the niece of former WWE stars Bret and Owen Hart.