Video: Logan Paul Gives Contract Update, Brawls With Kevin Owens At WWE PC

As Logan Paul prepares to defend his United States Championship at the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble this weekend, he shares an important update on his contract status with WWE.

Earlier today, Paul posted an Instagram video, stating that he has been training at the WWE Performance Center ahead of his title defense. Paul also revealed that WWE has renewed his contract, suggesting that he may now be on a full-time schedule with the company. "I figured if this is going to be a full-time job, maybe I stop treating it as a hobby," Paul said before returning to his in-ring drills.

"I gotta say another thing. Right now [is] potentially the best time in history to be a WWE Superstar," Paul later stated. "I don't know if y'all seen the news, but WWE got, partially acquired anyways, Monday Night 'Raw' by Netflix, a $5 billion deal starting in 2025. We got John Cena on the [Impaulsive] podcast yesterday. The Rock joined the board at TKO."

Unfortunately for Paul, his good news was spoiled by the arrival of his upcoming challenger Kevin Owens, to which Paul responded by throwing a bottle of the Prime energy drink at him. Owens then charged into the ring, initiating a brawl with Paul. Before the physicality escalated any further, Paul and Owens were pulled apart by several trainers, one of whom was Shane "The Hurricane" Helms.

The title match between Owens and Paul was made official after Owens outlasted seven other competitors in the United States Championship tournament, where the winner guaranteed themselves a shot against Paul, the reigning titleholder, at the Royal Rouble premium live event.