WWE's John Cena Looks Back On His Decision To Become A Wrestler

Wrestler-turned-actor John Cena has opened up about his decision to get into professional wrestling.

On Logan Paul's "Impaulsive" podcast, the former WWE Champion discussed about training to become a wrestler in the late '90s.

"So I knew it from a perspective of, 'This is the hobby I want to have,'" Cena explained. "I think of it like your softball league or, like, whatever you work towards the week for. My little brother hates his job but loves his boat. He endures the suck to get out on the water. When I found that ring, I was just about ready to take a career leap that would have not allowed me to do that. And if that failed, I was just going to go back home ... So I just failed at every avenue in life ... I was running out of time [and] money."

Cena admitted that he didn't know what to do at that point in his life, but knew that he had certain attributes to succeed in pro wrestling. The weekend he was contemplating beginning a career in the business, Cena's friend mentioned that he trained in Orange County, much to the former WWE Champion's surprise. Cena immediately jumped at the chance to train in the ring. He went on to say that he was willing to work any job during that period so he could perform on Friday and Saturday nights. 

Eventually, there was a moment when he knew there was a possible career path in wrestling, and that was when he received a contract for $12,500 a year with WWE during the height of the Attitude Era. Cena ended up quitting his regular job and began to live in his car by choice to make his career work in WWE.

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