Paul Heyman Explains Why Roman Reigns Is WWE's GOAT, Deserves Own Mount Rushmore

Since adopting his "Tribal Chief" persona in 2020, Roman Reigns has been at the top of the mountain in WWE. He is currently recognized as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, having held the WWE Universal Championship for 1244 days and the WWE Championship for 663 days. Speaking with "The Pat McAfee Show," Reigns' "Wiseman" Paul Heyman explained why he thinks "The Head of the Table" is the greatest of all time and deserves his own Mount Rushmore.


"Because in the modern era, no one can hold the title this long," Heyman said. "It's impossible. The system is not designed for that to happen. The same way the system is not designed through the Major League Baseball draft, the NBA draft, the NHL draft, the NFL draft, for a real dynasty to take place anymore... The game is not designed for that anymore, nor is WWE. WWE doesn't want a champion for four years straight. They just don't; it's too dominant ... Roman Reigns has bucked against the system and has maintained that level of dominance at the very top where no one else is even in his stratosphere."

Echoing similar sentiments, wrestler-turned-actor John Cena labeled Reigns as the greatest of all time in an interview last year. The 16-time WWE World Champion praised The Bloodline leader for his work during the pandemic era inside the WWE Thunderdome, as well as crediting him for how WWE's business has been performing recently, with the promotion breaking multiple gate and attendance records.


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