Tommy Dreamer Compares AEW Dynamite Crowd To ECW Arena Fans

As an ECW original, Tommy Dreamer has a lot of fond memories of the company's home arena, the ECW Arena, now known as the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia. At the peak of ECW, the building was known for having some of the most loyal and devoted fans in the business, a devotion some people have seen in fans that support AEW. On "Busted Open Radio," Dreamer commented on the crowd on hand at the January 24 "AEW Dynamite," comparing it to the ECW Arena crowds he would perform in front of throughout the 1990s.

"The hardest part about watching "Dynamite" last night was the crowd," Dreamer said. "I don't get into all the stuff where everyone's talking negatively about it, but whether it was acoustics, whether if there was not a lot of people there because I have wrestled [in] the ECW arena. If there is 1,000 people in the ECW arena, or Queens ... I want to say, tops, would fit 800 and we would cram 1,000 in it, and it was deafening. So when you're in a larger venue like that, sometimes the acoustics..."

"The crowd seemed a little down," Dreamer said. "I would love to hear from anyone who was at the show ... and when I say down, this is an issue in WWE, it's an issue in AEW, it's an issue in TNA with the micing of the crowd." Dreamer went on to say that the TNA Hard to Kill pay-per-view, as well as the TV tapings that took place the day after, had a very lively crowd on hand in Las Vegas. However, for whatever reason, that energy didn't translate to TV screens, possibly due to the acoustics.

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