Shayna Baszler Shares Her Excitement For WWE Royal Rumble 2024

30 women will enter the 2024 Women's Royal Rumble match, but only one will emerge victorious. These decreased winning odds don't seem to discourage Shayna Baszler, though, as she, in fact, embraces this match as an opportunity to inflict some serious punishment onto her opposition. Ahead of Saturday's Royal Rumble event, Baszler spoke with Wrestling Inc. at WWE's media junket for an exclusive interview.

"Man, anytime you're going to have an opportunity for me to tear multiple limbs off multiple people, I'm excited," Baszler said.

In surveying the field of potential and confirmed entrants, Baszler explained that her fellow competitors tend to miscalculate the effect that her submission strategy can have in over-the-top-rope battle royal style matches. Despite their doubt, Baszler is confident that this technique can lead her to scoring several eliminations in this year's Women's Royal Rumble match.

"I think that people underestimate the fact that I am a limb destruction expert, and [in] a Royal Rumble, toss people over or stopping yourself from being tossed over is much harder to do with less limbs. So people underestimate that," Baszler said. "They're like, 'Oh, why would you want to put submission on? You're trying to toss them over the top.' Yeah, exactly."

When asked about the possibility of seeing herself and her tag team partner Zoey Stark as the final two women in the match, Baszler revealed that she had a clear image of the outcome. "I already beat her up, right? So she put on a great fight. Look, the thing that impressed me the most about Zoey, originally, is the fact that I beat the snot out of her and she kept getting up. She wouldn't quit, so she would be tough and I'd have to be in shape for it, but I know I could beat her," Baszler declared.

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