Jade Cargill Puts Women's Division On Notice Following WWE Debut At 2024 Royal Rumble

Jade Cargill made her long-awaited WWE debut at the 2024 Royal Rumble, entering at number 28 during the women's Rumble match. She made an immediate impact, having a stand-off with Bianca Belair and eliminating a returning Naomi before eventually being eliminated by Liv Morgan. WWE caught up with Cargill following her elimination, and it's clear to see that she means business.

"I'm nothing less than a Superstar; what did you think was going to happen?" Cargill said. "Did you, the other women, did you hear the crowd rave for me? I don't think so. But I do want to thank the WWE fan base because you guys showed up and showed out tonight. I am nothing short of a Superstar. I am Jade Cargill. This was my first introduction; get ready for everything that comes with me."

Cargill also managed to eliminate Nia Jax, who recorded eight eliminations before being dumped out, who had some things to say about Jax. "I think Nia's one of the strongest women in this division, but she's not Jade Cargill," Cargill said. "I mean, you see what I did out there tonight? Did you hear the pop that I got? Clearly, this fan base doesn't like her, and they like me, so keep it moving."  

Liv Morgan eliminated Cargill, something that the former AEW star won't forget any time soon as she put Liv, and the WWE locker room on notice. "This entire locker room is full of talent. I thought I did my homework. I wasn't expecting Liv Morgan, but clearly, I have to go back, do some more work, and keep it moving. I am one of one, I am number one, and I'm here to take over this entire women's division."

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