Dave Meltzer Criticizes WWE's Paul Levesque's Response To Allegations Against Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon has been embroiled in one of the biggest controversies in pro wrestling history after sex trafficking allegations against him were made public. Soon after, McMahon resigned from his role in TKO Holdings, the parent company of WWE. This weekend, Paul "Triple H" Levesque was questioned about his father-in-law's allegations, and his lack of comments have upset many, including Dave Meltzer.

In an X (previously known as Twitter) post, Meltzer criticized Levesque's handling of the situation. He made it clear that he personally likes Levesque but that, in his opinion, the WWE CCO handled things poorly. Other fans online also shared Meltzer's opinion, while there are a notable amount of accounts defending Levesque's approach, arguing that he likely couldn't comment on it either way. 

"Your father in law was just accused of sex trafficking and rape. Everyone knows how much I personally like Paul, but this was bad. The most powerful man in the history of the business was just removed in disgrace. This was really bad."

Meanwhile, many in WWE were surprised by the fallout and expected a more intense reaction from sponsors like Slim Jim, who threatened to withdraw their sponsorship ahead of the WWE Royal Rumble 2024 event. Additionally, those within the promotion were allegedly surprised by how quickly McMahon resigned following the allegations, and there's a belief that Endeavor may remove others in the boardroom who were close to McMahon. Those who returned alongside McMahon after he initially retired might be some of the first to be released if Endeavor takes this route. 

McMahon's profile has surprisingly been removed from WWE.com in light of the allegations against him, and at this time, his profile is inaccessible. WWE has notably only done this a few times in the past, like with Hulk Hogan's racist rant controversy, when the details behind Chris Benoit's double-murder and suicide were made clear, and after Jimmy Snuka stood trial for murder in 2016.