Tenille Dashwood, AKA Emma, Discusses The Development Of Her WWE Character

Tenille Dashwood had a variety of different gimmicks throughout her WWE tenure, but her first character on the main roster still remains one of the most memorable. This was the dancing gimmick that saw her put together a unique dance move that audiences would interact with and copy, which she admitted was a little random.

"I guess I was always just giving myself a hard time like joking and being the butt of the joke just to make other people laugh so it just started with that," Dashwood told "Captain's Corner."

Dashwood initially appeared as a fan in the audience and was brought into the ring by Santino Marella to compete in a dance-off with Summer Rae, which she won. This then led to the dance becoming a crucial part of her character which she would do on her way to the ring and during matches, especially during her time with Marella. However, it was an unexpected member of WWE's broadcast team that ended up helping her come up with the iconic dance itself when they were putting the idea together.

"Then Byron Saxton actually helped me out with the dance, he was doing some kind of Egyptian thing," she explained. "Then that turned into the Emma dance as we put it together and yeah, we just went for it and that's kind of how it came about."

Her first run with WWE ended in 2017, and she was brought back by the promotion in 2022 for a one-year run before being released last September.

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