WWE's Maxxine Dupri Talks Learning From Alpha Academy Teammates, Excitement For 2024

WWE star Maxxine Dupri became the first female wrestler to join the Alpha Academy in 2023, making her mark on the main roster by working alongside Chad Gable and Otis. However, it isn't just on-screen where Dupri has been working alongside the popular tag team.

During the pre-Royal Rumble press junket Dupri revealed to us the extent of how much she's been able to gain from working with them, "Oh my gosh, I learn so much from them. I learn a ton from them. It's such a pleasure to be able to train with them, to learn from them. I get to work with Chad Gable a lot on my wrestling technique and that's been huge for me. To get to learn from people who have been doing this their entire lives versus someone who's been doing it for like two days, it's next level. So I'm just trying to be a sponge and absorb everything they give me and apply every correction and just be better every day."

Dupri has been getting more in-ring time as of late where she's been able to showcase what she's learned from Gable, and that has led her to being excited for the rest of the year to come and what she's excited to achieve as a performer. Dupri said, "I'm excited to be with the boys. We got Tozawa on the team. It's such a joy to come to work and to get to perform with them. I'm excited for the opportunity to be in the ring more. I hope I get that chance and just see what 2024 has in store for me."

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