Tommy Dreamer & Thunder Rosa React To CM Punk's Promo On WWE Raw

The Royal Rumble match is where a star's dreams can come true in WWE, but this year, for the newly-returned CM Punk, it was more like a nightmare. On Monday's episode of "WWE Raw," Punk announced he suffered a triceps injury during the match and will be missing WrestleMania 40. It was an impassioned promo where Punk mentioned the struggles of cancer patients, as well as those of other professionals like teachers, and told the crowd "There is always next year."

Tommy Dreamer and Thunder Rosa discussed Punk's promo and injury on a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio." Dreamer said he thought Punk tore his triceps when he was eliminated from the match, though it's been reported that Punk was injured taking a Future Shock DDT from Drew McIntyre. Dreamer loved the promo and said Punk handled the announcement "perfectly."

"His promo was amazing because it was real," Dreamer said. "Nobody deserves to be injured."

Rosa said she knows Punk is hurt, sad, and heartbroken, but also believes that Punk knows it's not the end for him. She praised the star for his examples of those struggling with things bigger than wrestling injuries, like his friend battling cancer. Dreamer added that Punk goes out there and talks to the fans from the heart, whether they like him or not.

"If that was his plan, to make people feel empathetic for what he's going through, I think he did an amazing job," Rosa said. "Even if you hate CM Punk, there was at one point, you feel some sort of empathy. You had to. If not, you are a psychopath."