Road Dogg Says This Former WWE Star 'Could Work His Arse Off'

WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events Road Dogg has praised Mustafa Ali, and pointed out what he liked about the former WWE star. During an episode of his "Oh, You Didn't Know?" podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer spoke fondly about his experiences with Mustafa Ali.


"I loved him from the get-go," he said. He recalled how good Ali was at creating his own vignettes that WWE began to air them on television. "When he and his guys started putting together some vignettes and stuff, and they were so good and creative that we started using them on the show. And we were like, 'Are you sure the guys are gonna give it for free, we don't have to pay for it?'"

He also praised Ali for his work ethic and his looks. "But he's a talented kid, man, and he's a good-looking dude and he can work his arse off. What's not to love about Ali?" 

Road Dogg then commented on claims that Bryan Danielson was responsible for Ali's push leading into WrestleMania 35, and confirmed that there were talks about a match between the two. "I never remember Daniels coming to me anyway, he may have come to another writer but it was me and two other guys that made the calls," said the veteran star. "It was talked about [a match between Ali and Danielson at WrestleMania 35]. And that's probably what they're referring to in the Daniel Bryan talking about Ali and stuff. There was talk about a storyline leading up to that."


He then expressed his belief Ali would've been perfect as WWE Intercontinental Champion. "So, we liked the dude from the get-go, and to me, he's like the perfect Intercontinental Champion, and he's a great guy to boot."

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