Konnan Gives AEW Top Guy His Due

Former WCW star Konnan has always prided himself on staying true and saying what he believes, whether or not that comes at the cost of sounding like he might not like something. Fans know him for being openly critical of companies like WWE and AEW, the latter of which is in a working relationship with the company he currently books, AAA. However, even Konnan can't deny that the rise of Eddie Kingston in AEW has been something almost everyone has gotten onboard with.

On his 'K100' podcast, Konnan responded to a fan who asked how Kingston has gotten so far in AEW despite not looking in the best of shape. He did admit that he would rather see performers that have good physiques, but also stated there is more to the Continental Crown Champion than meets the eye. "The biggest factor for Eddie is he's super over with the fans," Konnan said. "He cuts very realistic, different promos. he doesn't sound like everybody else, they don't sound like wrestling promos." 

Konnan even used the example of one of his own wrestling heroes to show that, just because they don't have a bodybuilder physique, doesn't mean they can't go far in professional wrestling. "Look at Dusty [Rhodes] who was my idol ... we all know overweight guys that are tough, and he's probably over with Tony [Khan] too. It ain't like he doesn't deserve the push." Kingston will return to action this Saturday on "AEW Collision" as he takes on 'The Bounty Hunter' Bryan Keith, a man who has caught the eye of a lot of AEW fans in recent weeks thanks to his performances on TV.

Please credit "K100" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.