WWE Star Montez Ford Gets Candid About Suffering From Body Dysmorphia

Montez Ford might be a popular WWE star with a reality series on the way, but that doesn't mean he hasn't had any personal battles or difficulties throughout his life. The Street Profits member has been open about previously suffering from body dysmorphia; a mental health condition where a person becomes obsessed with perceived flaws in their own appearance, and he revealed that's down to him being his own harshest critic. 

"As calm, and patient, and collected as I am, I am more hard on myself than anybody else, and I think during the time period it was just me not being satisfied in how I wanted to present the world to myself," he admitted to "The MMA Hour." "The world was happy, wife was happy, family is happy, 'You look great, you look great,' but I think sometimes people misunderstand. If I am feeling this way, this is not the world's fault, it's something internally." To tackle that situation, Ford entered himself into a bodybuilding competition in November, which gave him the motivation to push himself. Ford ended up winning it and earned his pro card in the process, and doing that allowed him to get where he wanted to and become happier with how he presents himself from an internal perspective.

"I'm so hard on my body presentation and the way I present myself in the ring, and I think it was just a thing of gaining my own confidence within myself," he said. "It's one thing to have the whole world praise you, but if it's not within yourself it's kind of for nothing." While professional wrestling remains Ford's main focus, he is now working towards his next bodybuilding competition, with the aim of looking 20 times better than he did at the previous one.

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