Mansoor Explains Why There Were Concerns Over His Maximum Male Model Gimmick

The Maximum Male Models didn't reach big heights in WWE, but the promotion had ambitions to turn Mansoor into a star when he was added to the short-livedĀ group. The former Superstar has revealed that his involvement with the flamboyant faction worried people in the company due to WWE's partnership with Saudi Arabia; however, it started with ambitious intentions.

During an interview with the "Two Man Power Trip" podcast, Mansoor explained that Vince McMahon gave him the gimmick as Saudi Arabian officials wanted stars such as top Drew McIntyre and Goldberg on the shows, and they didn't seem to care about representation. As such, McMahon gave him the character to try to elevate him, but there were concerns that the gimmick would be perceived as LGBTQ by WWE's Saudi partners.

"When Vince came back from his retirement, we were getting messages from the creative team like, 'Hey, we wanted to put you in this backstage segment, but somebody's a little concerned that the portrayal of the character may offend certain important partners to the company. So I was kinda reading between the lines."

Despite this, Mansoor claimed that McMahon never envisioned Maximum Male Models as an LGBTQ faction, as he remembered a conversation they had with him."He said, 'Listen, it's not a gay thing. You're metrosexuals.'"

Mansoor was released by WWE in 2023, and he's since been plying his trade on the independent circuit. During an interview, he revealed that he's happy with his newfound freedom and hopes to wrestle in Japan soon.