World Wonder Ring STARDOM Founder Rossy Ogawa No Longer Under Contract To Bushiroad

It appears that one of World Wonder Ring Stardom's founders has been fired from the company. Stardom President Taro Okada announced the firing of Stardom founder and booker Rossy Ogawa, who was accused of poaching talent from the all-women's pro wrestling promotion. 

Meanwhile, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting President Okada and Merchandise Manager Oyama will take over Ogawa's previous duties. Ogawa had begun to be overruled by Bushiroad Fight leadership around nine months ago, leading him to initially put in his notice with the company, which Stardom accepted. Ogawa's initial end date was February 18, with the last show under his supervision being the February 4 show in Osaka. The company then decided to fire Ogawa after the February 4 show, citing the accusations of talent poaching as the reason. 

Stardom star Giulia is rumored to be heading for WWE, following her departure from Stardom in 2023, but there is no word on whether it was related to the accused poaching. Stardom is a business partner of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, both under Bushiroad, and the company's talent has been the backbone of NJPW's IWGP Women's Championship, which was established in November 2022. The current champion, Mayu Iwatani, is said to be the longest-contracted of Stardom's current talent, as the champion has a movie about her life currently in production.

AEW President Tony Khan celebrated Ogawa's firing, writing "Bye Rossy" on X (previously known as Twitter), as well as sharing a clip from the 1966 film "Batman," related to industrial espionage, suggesting that Ogawa had meddled in Khan and AEW's affairs.