Mick Foley Opens Up About Missing Out On WrestleMania Moment With Top Star

Mick Foley has had one of the most memorable careers in the history of wrestling, with his run in WWE being filled with iconic moments that still get talked about to this day. From being thrown off Hell in a Cell by The Undertaker, to winning the WWE Championship on "WWE Raw," Foley's time in WWE, especially in the Attitude Era is the stuff of legends amongst fans.

The aforementioned title win, which took place at the beginning of 1999, was brief as he lost the WWE Championship to The Rock, and wasn't even in the title picture by that year's WrestleMania. When asked about not being part of the plans for WrestleMania XV, Foley stated on his "Foley Is Pod" podcast that he was very disappointed. 

"That was the year it was supposed to be a three-way," Foley said. "It was supposed to be me, Rock, and Steve, and the decision was made at that time it had to be a singles. Even though in future years we would see several three-ways and really good three-ways, personally, I believe Steve and Rock was the right call. But, for me, it was really disappointing."

Foley got one more shot at being champion a year later during his feud with Triple H as Cactus Jack at the beginning of 2000, which ultimately saw his full-time career come to an end. However, the fact that his Mania spot in 1999 was taken from him was compensated for by Vince McMahon a year later. 

"I missed out, and that was the whole reason that Vince decided to put me in the main event the next year," Foley said. "Even though I didn't think I deserved it and didn't really want it."

Please credit "Foley Is Pod" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.