Bully Ray Points To Possible Downside For WWE Raw Amid Cody Rhodes Fervor

The entire wrestling world has been talking about WWE WrestleMania 40 since "WWE SmackDown" last week, with everyone having an opinion on whether or not The Rock facing Roman Reigns is the right decision, and what that means for Cody Rhodes' future. While it has certainly brought a lot of attention to the product, which is ultimately what WWE wants, Bully Ray believes there is one negative to that.

"I'm so consumed by what's going on with Cody, Roman, Rock, Seth, Drew that I'm finding it difficult to pay attention to the rest of the show, despite some really good stuff on the show last night," he admitted on "Busted Open Radio." The ECW legend, like many others, has been spinning plates trying to work out the creative decisions of WWE after bringing Rock back to seemingly challenge Reigns at The Grandest Stage Of Them All, despite the "American Nightmare" having pointed to the "Tribal Chief" following his Royal Rumble victory. 

"My gears are turning so much with this Cody situation that I'm finding it a little bit hard to concentrate on the rest of the show," he said. This is something that hasn't been helped by WWE reportedly turning the negative fan response into a work, which included the company handing out 'We Want Cody' signs at "WWE Raw." However, with WWE putting together a WrestleMania 40 press conference tomorrow, it is expected some answers will be provided regarding the title matches for the show, and what is happening with Rhodes and his post-Royal Rumble win challenge.

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