Tommy Dreamer Discusses Pat McAfee's Return To WWE As Part Of Raw Announce Team

Former WWE and current TNA Wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer has discussed one aspect Pat McAfee has to improve in his commentary work.

In a recent conversation with Gabby LaSpisa on "Gabby AF," Dreamer said that he's a fan of McAfee's work behind the announcers' desk, but highlighted one thing that he could do better.

"When you're a commentator ... I love his energy for the Royal Rumble. I thought it was great," Dreamer said. "I think there's also a time where you have to learn -– I've done commentary, it's very, very hard — there are times you also need to learn how to lay out and levity only goes so far."

Having complimented McAfee as a host on his sports show, "The Pat McAfee Show," for being able to listen to his guests and creating an atmosphere for them to feel comfortable in, Dreamer explained that laying out is a vital commentary skill in terms of reacting to moments and putting emphasis on them.

"I also wish he would be more of a performer at times because he's had some really, really good to great matches. He probably had one of the best celebrity debuts I've seen up until Logan Paul had his celebrity debut."

The ECW legend also praised McAfee for juggling multiple jobs, comparing him to AEW's Tony Khan.

"I would like to see Pat McAfee's schedule," Dreamer said. "Hold it up against Tony Khan's because they are two guys who are workaholics but also they love what they do."

McAfee made waves when he returned to the commentary desk at the WWE Royal Rumble Premium Live Event on January 27. The following Monday, he was officially announced as the new commentary partner for Michael Cole on "WWE Raw."  Cole and McAfee have previously worked together at the announce desk in 2021 and 2022, serving as the play-by-play and color commentators respectively on "WWE SmackDown."