Booker T Says This NXT Star Brings Out The Best In Everybody He Works With

Five-time WCW Champion Booker T hasĀ historically been vocal about up and coming talent, and seemingly sees a lot of value in one "WWE NXT" star. On "The Hall of Fame," the former King of the Ring commented on the main event championship match at "NXT" Vengeance Day between Trick Williams and Ilja Dragunov. Booker praised the retaining "NXT" Champion Dragunov's exceptional work inside the ring.

"He brings the best out of everybody that he gets in the ring with. I give that kid there so much credit as well. He's truly next level, a next level competitor. His wrestling is top-notch, second to none," Booker said before complimenting Dragunov's promos and wardrobe. "He gives you the full range of what a showman truly really is, and then he goes in the ring and backs it up at the highest level. I loved that match."

Not all the love was for Dragunov, as the two-time WWE Hall of Famer also applauded Williams, "He showed me a whole lot, and what a showman more than anything ... his timing and his presence, his spacing." Booker said that Williams was skilled at "the art of doing nothing and making you feel like he was doing a lot". Booker's praise continued, relaying that a performer is only as good as his/her opponent, "big ups to my man Trick Williams for stepping up and understanding the levels of performances that you have to be able to reach."

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