Road Dogg Says This WWE Heel Has Something Special

Grayson Waller has been a regular feature on "WWE SmackDown" ever since he was brought up to the main roster, with his partnership alongside Austin Theory helping them both to get a lot of heat. The Australian star has been impressed with his work, and Brian "Road Dogg" James believes he has skills that should serve him well as a spot entertainer. 

"He loves it, and he's a really loveable, likable dude, so he has to act that way, and he does it successfully," Road Dogg said on "Oh, You Didn't Know?" "There's something about him that really makes you want to slap his face; you really just want to cuff him in the side of the head, but that's just his character."  

While Waller is yet to hold gold in WWE, he has been heavily featured and has gained reactions from fans in the ring and on social media. He has been a heel throughout his WWE tenure, proving himself both inside the ring and on the microphone via his talk show segments. His current focus is simply on being part of the WWE WrestleMania 40 card, with Waller admitting he doesn't mind who he faces as long as he is part of the show. Meanwhile, it also remains to be seen if he will be involved at WWE's Elimination Chamber event, which takes place in his home country of Australia later this month.

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