The Undertaker Weighs In On Triple H's Performance As Head Of WWE Creative

Triple H holds the unique distinction of being the only man to ever clash with The Undertaker on three different occasions at WrestleMania. However, both Paul "HHH" Levesque and Mark "Undertaker" Calaway have stepped away from the ring, and Levesque now heads WWE Creative. On his "Six Feet Under" podcast, "The Deadman" commented on Levesque's performance in his corporate role.


According to Calaway, while he isn't around as much as he once was, the locker room has become notably calm since Levesque stepped in, and he also praised how "The Game" maintained the calmness ahead of the Royal Rumble. "When I was working full time or even when I wasn't, it was just so chaotic ... The Rumble itself is put together — it is a complicated deal, but there was always like ... this tendency last minute for things to get changed." Calaway continued, recalling how often changes were made last minute while he was still a wrestler, especially ahead of the Rumble. "It's just chaotic. People, I don't think, in other genres of entertainment, in the entertainment world, I would be interested to see how many people that act, or musicians could handle the stress of working like that."


Additionally, Calaway noted how he hadn't heard Levesque become antagonistic backstage. "I've seen him get worked up, but I haven't seen him yell at talent, I haven't seen him badmouth anybody." Following this, he joked that things have become so calm that he almost dislikes it. "It's almost too calm ... It's like... They don't care enough, it's not that, it's just the atmosphere." Despite this, Calaway praised Levesque's nurturing nature, and explained that a roster and crew as young as WWE's needs this kind of leadership.

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