Arn Anderson Opens Up About His Backstage Relationship With Tully Blanchard In AEW

Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard might be best known for their time together as two of the Four Horsemen, but together they had quite a successful run as "The Brainbusters" and forged a legitimate friendship behind the scenes. In a recent episode of his "ARN" podcast, Anderson recounted the state of his friendship with Blanchard while both men were signed to AEW.


Unfortunately, Anderson and Blanchard had a falling out in 1989 after Blanchard failed a drug test and ruined plans the two had to return to WCW at the time. According to Anderson, the two men patched up at some point between then and now. "I don't remember but there was clearly a patching up," said Anderson.

He admitted that both he and Blanchard didn't handle the situation correctly at the time, but that they were not the only ones at fault. "We had a great thing and we both probably didn't handle it the right way, but there was a lot more people involved then that caused that to go south other than us."

"The Enforcer" then recalled the times they spent together in AEW, and noted that they had a lot of fun which ultimately repaired their relationship. "We talked a lot when he came to work for AEW, we'd be in the locker room together a lot and had fun with it. That kind of repaired the relationship," he said.


Unfortunately, Blanchard confirmed that he parted ways with AEW and ROH in early 2023, but Anderson remains in the promotion as a backstage producer.

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