NWA's Thomas Latimer Details Relationship With Divisive Former WWE Trainer Bill DeMott

NWA star Thomas Latimer has discussed working under former WWE coach Bill DeMott, as well as his relationship with him.

DeMott is best known for his tenures in WCW, WWE, and ECW until he eventually became a coach with "NXT" years later. He left WWE in 2015 after he faced misconduct allegations, and many have since claimed he was a bully while coaching. During a recent appearance on "Developmentally Speaking," Latimer said that he was already in "NXT" by the time DeMott came in but he had a relationship with him beforehand. 


"I'd already had a fairly decent relationship with Bill because Ryan Connor, my old tag partner, he was in Deep South with Bill back in the day and this and that," said the NWA star.

Latimer noted that DeMott often helped him and Connor when he wasn't on the road doing "WWE Tough Enough," and explained that he always liked DeMott due to how he helped him toughen up and develop a thick skin. He stated that DeMott took him under his wing, alluding that he likely learned a lot through their relationship.

"Bill, I really liked, so there's ... he's someone that really sort of toughened me up and made me get thick skin and that was something that I needed," said the former NWA World Television Champion. "You generally have people that sort of take you under their wing and Bill took me under his wing."


However, he did note that some might not have liked DeMott's approach but maintained that he respects him. Latimer added that everyone would likely have their own opinion on the matter based on their experiences with DeMott. 

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