WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff Reacts To Scott D'Amore's TNA Termination

TNA parent company Anthem Sports surprisingly released longtime TNA President Scott D'Amore recently. The move shocked the TNA roster, and many veterans of the industry have since commented. Eric Bischoff lent his voice to the discussion on his "83 Weeks" podcast, reacting to the news.


According to Bischoff, while he doesn't follow TNA, he's been aware of the ongoing changes. "I disagree with bringing the TNA brand back, it's a bad idea to begin with and only gets worse with age. I could be wrong about that, everything else that has been happening over the last six-twelve weeks just seems like everything was going in the right direction and TNA was poised for growth." Following this, he recalled meeting D'Amore in the past, but that his opinions on D'Amore's character and work ethic come from their mutual acquaintances. "I do know a lot of people that have worked with Scott, that I respect, have a lot of respect for Scott so by default it's shocking to me!"

Bischoff then explained how important it is for a promotion to have a good relationship with the talent, and that the move makes no sense to him since D'Amore likely had this kind of relationship with the roster. "Unless there's something going on that none of us are aware of, this makes absolutely no sense to me. I don't get it." Interestingly, he compared the situation to WCW's final days. "If anything, this feels like WCW 2000 ... It has a very familiar ring to it."


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