Backstage Update On Scott D'Amore's TNA Firing

It will be a week tomorrow since Scott D'Amore was suddenly fired from his position as President of TNA Wrestling, and the news continues to come in regarding the move. While the official reason for D'Amore's departure from the promotion remains unclear, one thing that has emerged is that the long-time TNA executive wasn't looking to leave the promotion any time soon when TNA's parent company, Anthem, let him go.


Fightful Select reports that, despite the shocking nature of D'Amore's departure, D'Amore himself knew his days were numbered, as Anthem had been preparing to fire him a month before he was let go. D'Amore remained steadfast in trying to remain with the promotion, while Anthem was steadfast in wanting to move on, while also presenting the parting of the ways as a "mutual departure," something D'Amore resisted.

Even as his departure became more and more likely, D'Amore maintained correspondence with Anthem and helped incoming President Anthony Cicone in transitioning into the role. Despite that, D'Amore never gave up on trying to remain with TNA, leading to him attempting to buy the promotion, with Anthem rejecting his offer. It was confirmed that D'Amore's attempts to buy TNA came "before the firing was publicly known, not before D'Amore became aware."


Regarding reports that D'Amore and Anthem clashed over increasing TNA's budget, or D'Amore's attempts to sign WWE star Braun Strowman during 2021, it was confirmed that TNA and Strowman had talks, but that wasn't for seven figures, as previously believed. Meanwhile, while TNA's budget and production did increase, those in Anthem have attributed to software upgrades more than anything. The promotion is expected to run the same schedule as it did in 2023, with only some costs being reduced compared to last year.