Demolition Smash Dubs This Controversial WWE Alum 'One Of The Greatest Guys'

Barry Darsow enjoyed a successful wrestling career spanning decades, but he is perhaps best remembered from his WWE run from 1987 to 1993, first as Demolition Smash and later as Repo Man, before quitting after Vince McMahon refused to turn him into a babyface. During a recent sit-down with James Romero from Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Darsow was asked about the "most legit tough badass" he's ever known in the business.


"There was a few of 'em. Kevin Kelly, Nailz, was a tough guy, Haku... Those two guys are what I have in mind. [But] you couldn't ask for two more gentlemen and gentle giants than those two guys."

Darsow's kind words for Nailz (real name Kevin Kelly) might come as a surprise to some who remember his portrayal of a maniac ex-convict in the early '90s. Of course, there was also a legitimate behind-the-scenes assault on Vince McMahon that prompted speculation that the man behind the character was just as crazy as his on-screen persona.

"I never talked to Kevin about it. But he got screwed on a payoff from what I heard. I heard [Big Boss Man] made a ton of money, and Kevin got a check for almost nothing. And that's what it was all about. Could've been some other things, too, that built up to that."


Darsow revealed that he's still cordial with Kelly, adding that he recently acquired a 24-foot enclosed trailer from him.

"When you're friends with him, he would do anything for you. He sells trailers, buys them, sells them... He doesn't go out and do many wrestling things at all. He just doesn't want to be around the business."

When Darsow was pressed on why he thought that was, he said he didn't really know. "[But] he's with his family. That's more important to him than anything."