Backstage News On Letter TNA Talent Reportedly Sent To Anthem Regarding Scott D'Amore

Earlier this month, Anthem Sports fired Scott D'Amore as President of TNA. While it still remains unclear why D'Amore was let go from his position, Fightful Select has now reported that numerous TNA talent have written a letter to Anthem expressing their frustration with D'Amore's exit. Fightful has obtained the alleged letter, but the identity of the talent who signed off on the correspondence is unknown at this time.


The alleged letter states the TNA talent is "deeply saddened" by the decision to remove D'Amore from his role and the TNA family. "He is a trusted friend, confidant, teacher, advisor, brother, and mentor to so many within the TNA/Impact family. Scott has been the heart of the TNA/Impact family for over two decades." The Canadian has since been replaced by Anthony Cicione, President of Anthem. Further down the document, the unknown collective recognizes Leonard Asper's (Anthem CEO) contributions, mentioning that "Len and Anthem are the foundation that TNA has been able to build upon." However, the unnamed wrestlers ultimately feel they need a "wrestling person" to lead the charge as President. "It is our opinion that the best possible person for that role was, is, and will be Scott."


The correspondence continues with the TNA talent revealing they don't necessarily know why D'Amore was fired. Despite that, the group is hoping the letter will be the initial step in opening and maintaining positive lines of communication with Anthem. The talent signed off the document with, "We ask and implore you both to come together and create a resolution that will reunite this family once again. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing this dialogue. Signed, Your TNA Family."