AEW's Ricky Starks Talks Training With Favorite Wrestler, A WWE Legend

Ricky Starks has brushed shoulders with many legends of pro wrestling since signing with AEW, but one meeting outside of the business truly captured his heart. 

During an interview on "Hold the Mayo," Starks opened up about training with The Undertaker. Starks said the Hall of Famer is his favorite wrestler and he even lives in Austin, Texas today because "The Deadman" once called the city his home. 


"Undertaker's my favorite wrestler, and so he lived in Austin and that's why I stay in Austin right now." Starks continued, revealing that the two met in at a gym in Austin, and he used to train with the legend. "I used to go to the gym and like, I'd be working out and Undertaker would be there. I trained with Undertaker like to eat and everything. He's real nice."

Starks added that The Undertaker once watched one of his indie matches and provided him with some insight. "It's the craziest thing. I remember sitting down on a couch and he watched some of my matches from the indies, and he was like giving me critiques –- like, this is wild, like I used to watch you on TV!"

The AEW star also commented on meeting other veterans like Sting and explained why despite being memorable, they never quite measured up to meeting his idol. "I like the other veterans don't get me wrong, but when you're my favorite it's different. Like, talking to Sting? It's cool, it's really cool, but it's nothing like my favorite."


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