WWE Hall Of Famer Rob Van Dam Weighs In On The 'Cody Crybabies'

Cody Rhodes has had a loyal following since he joined WWE, and many of his fans were loud in their criticisms when The Rock seemingly stole his WrestleMania main event. During a podcast just before turning heel, Rock notably called Rhodes' fans "Cody Crybabies." On "1 Of A Kind," Rob Van Dam reacted to that characterization of Rhodes' fans, and whether Rock was right to degrade them.


According to RVD, he agrees with Rock's characterization since he couldn't believe that fan outcry could have possibly changed a main event for a show as big as WrestleMania. "I got interviewed at the signing in Queens yesterday, they asked what I thought about the whole situation and I said that I agree with what I heard The Rock say on an interview when he said hashtag Cody Crybabies." RVD continued, expressing how he sees the situation as a form of disrespect since it came off as fans believing they knew better than experienced bookers. "I feel like they're not complaining because the heel won, they're complaining because they think they could write a better angle that would draw more money than the people that are doing it!"


Lastly, RVD praised Rhodes and those behind him but concluded that Rock should be in the main event instead. "Sorry, he is not a bigger star than The Rock. And if you're going to put the biggest star possible in your main event at WrestleMania, there's nobody bigger than The Rock. He's the biggest star in the industry." Additionally, RVD joked that Rock could still jump Rhodes before he makes it to the main event and wrestle Roman Reigns anyway and that this could still be a part of his "story."

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