Big E Reacts To The New Day Working With Longtime WWE Rival, Jey Uso

New Day and The Usos have had one of the most historic tag team rivalries in WWE history. However, they have since been able to mesh together into a cohesive unit after teaming up with Jey Uso on last week's "WWE Raw." Afterward, New Day's Big E discussed his reaction to his brethren getting help from a familiar foe while guesting on "WWE's The Bump." 


"It's really beautiful to see, and those guys go out there and put on a show," he said.

Big E also stated that he had a lot of respect for The Usos, noting that their rivalry made him appreciate them. "When you have those knock-down, drag-out fights time and time again with guys like that, you build a lot of respect." Big E revealed that the two tag teams have since buried the hatchet.

There's a lot of history between Big E and Jey Uso, too. They have known each other since their FCW days, and Big E used to pick Jey up when he didn't have a car so they could attend practice together. "To see him where he's at now, his run, all the respect to Jey."

Jey will get a shot at GUNTHER's Intercontinental Championship on next week's "Raw." He and his brother are also now dealing with The Rock being part of "The Bloodline" and his alliance with "The Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns. 


To quote this article, please credit "The Bump" and provide a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.