Johnny Gargano Discusses 'Unfinished Business' And WWE Return

Johnny Gargano returned to WWE in 2022 after a nine-month hiatus from the promotion. The former "NXT" Champion left to focus on starting a family with his wife Candice LeRae, who also rejoined the sports entertainment company last year. Despite being a free agent for the better part of a year, however, Gargano always wanted to go back to WWE, as he explained during a recent interview with the "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" podcast.


"People ask me all the time, did you think about going to other places? Obviously, we all entertain the idea. But when I left, I always felt like I had unfinished business in WWE. And when the conversations were being had, it was one of those things where when I was a little kid growing up, I watched WWE. I dreamed of wrestling at WrestleMania. I dreamed of becoming Intercontinental Champion. I think all these things I said in my return promo, pretty much. They're all very real, very true. Those are very real dreams I still do have to this day, and I can only do that one place."

During the interview, Gargano also addressed the rumor that he left WWE due to "NXT" being rebranded in 2021. The Superstar claimed that he wasn't forced out of the company, nor did he want to leave because he was upset with his position at the time. His exit was merely down to him and LeRae having a baby on the way and needing to recharge his batteries. However, he always knew that WWE would be his first option if he returned to wrestling full-time, and the rest is history. Now, with WWE WrestleMania 40 on the horizon, he might get to realize one of those dreams.


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