Video: WWE's Karrion Kross Warns Street Profits About Bobby Lashley

Last Friday on "WWE SmackDown," The Final Testament's Akam and Rezar defeated Javier Bernal and Beau Morris in their first match since returning to WWE. Following that victory, Final Testament leader Karrion Kross sent a warning to Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins of the Street Profits via a backstage video posted on social media. Kross' group has recently been feuding with the former Tag Team Champions, Bobby Lashley and B-Fab.


"Street Profits, you saw what AoP just did to those boys, right?" Kross said. "Just a word of advice: If we catch up with you and we do that to you... Take a look at Bobby's track record; he doesn't like hanging around with losers. Want proof? Remember The Hurt Business? You don't got to worry so much about us; start looking around to your left and your right and think about the future." 

With WWE's crew heading over to Australia for Elimination Chamber this weekend, the company filmed this week's edition of "SmackDown" last Friday night, recording a tag team clash between the Authors of Pain and the Street Profits. On last week's "SmackDown LowDown," Byron Saxton spoke with the Street Profits, Lashley, and B-Fab about that soon-to-be-aired tag bout. Despite watching the Authors of Pain decimate Bernal and Morris, the quartet was in a confident mood about Street Profits' chances, with Ford wanting to make an example out of AoP in their match, while Lashley agreed with Dawkins that the duo is more than ready to take on the Final Testament members.