Booker T Says Wrestlers Had To Pay Their Dues With Former WWE Colleague

Bob Holly had a reputation for being one of WWE's tough guys throughout his time with the company, with the former WWE Superstar often being known for testing people inside the ring. Several of his former opponents have shared stories of him being physical inside the ring such as Renee Dupree and Chris Masters, and Booker T has now weighed in on Holly's physicality inside the ring.


"Bob Holly was a tough customer, you had to pay your dues with Bob Holly," he said on the "Hall Of Fame." "Bob Holly was OG, I always loved Bob Holly, I love Bob Holly, I'm gonna tell you that right now."

Kurt Angle had admitted previously that Holly was one of his toughest opponents, with Booker T pointing out that even an Olympic Gold medalist had to pay his dues with someone like Holly. Booker T admitted that Holly was one of the stars every new WWE wrestler had to encounter, and he was looking forward to mixing it up with the multi-time Hardcore Champion. He added that he ended up having great respect for Holly.

"I tell you, man, I couldn't wait to get me a piece of some Bob Holly, I couldn't wait," he said. "I was looking to fight because I knew Bob Holly had a reputation so I was like I'm gonna go ahead and get it out of the way, I'm gonna go ahead and find this guy. Me and Bob Holly was the best of friends, man, I swear. We was the best of buds."


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