Paul Wight, Formerly Big Show In WWE, Recalls Spot He Used To Do With Hornswoggle

Paul "The Big Show" Wight stands a colossal seven feet tall, towering over most larger than life wrestlers. The contrast in size is even more pronounced with smaller opponents, exhibited in his notorious feud with Rey Mysterio on "WWE Smackdown" in 2003. However, standing at four and a half feet tall, Wight's shortest opponent by far was former WWE star Dylan Mark Postl (fka Hornswoggle). The two worked together as opponents on several occasions, with one being a singles match on "WWE Superstars" in May 2009.


Wight recently joined Chris Jericho on "Talk Is Jericho," where the former WCW, WWE, and ECW World Champion spoke about working with the much smaller adversary. "Hornswoggle and I used to do a spot on the live events where he would come into the ring and he would try to attack me, and I would just turn around and KO Punch him from above, and he would f****** lay there dead."

Although the spot was intended to be funny, it did not get the anticipated reaction, "It wasn't getting the reaction like: oh yay! it was like: is he really dead?" Wight recalled. "Everybody just goes did we just witness a crime? We get to TV Monday and they're like: yeah, you can't do that spot with Hornswoggle anymore. It's too much. I'm like 'in this f****** company it's too much? REALLY?'"


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