Why Eric Bischoff Gives Cody Rhodes Vs. Bloodline Storyline An 'Automatic B'

With his upcoming main event match against Roman Reigns, it doesn't seem like Cody Rhodes will be given a moment of rest, especially considering The Bloodline cost him his recent match. According to Eric Bischoff, in the latest episode of "83 Weeks," WWE is making good progress on the story with Rhodes and The Bloodline, and the angle already has a "B" rating in his books.


Bischoff claimed that WWE has recovered from the initial backlash the storyline was getting after The Rock involved himself and given all the nuances and details, the story is solid. 

"The reality of this situation, even the basic premise of the story for Cody Rhodes –- that's all real. It's a scripted story based on reality," said Bischoff. "The five elements that it takes to make a great story is all there."

Earlier in the same episode, Bischoff suggested that this could be one of the biggest WrestleMania in history based on all the buzz around the event. "Is it fair to say this is the most buzz WWE has ever had going into a WrestleMania? It feels like it. Well, social media helps that, there wasn't social media back in WrestleMania 1," said the Hall of Famer.


However, while Bischoff praised The Rock and the promotion's recovery from the initial fumble, he also questioned what "The People's Champ" would be doing after WrestleMania. "But even with that bobble -– fumble –- creatively they've recovered nicely and are moving downfield. I'm trying to think about what they do after WrestleMania? What is Rock going to do after WrestleMania? Is he going to be a permanent fixture, or a regular fixture, perhaps an authority type of role, or is he going to stay active?"

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