WWE Star Johnny Gargano Talks About Being An 'Easy Target'

Johnny Gargano is currently enjoying the best run of his main roster career working alongside Tommaso Ciampa, and the tag team has enjoyed a strong push on "WWE Raw" lately. Despite the success he's had throughout his entire WWE tenure, including being the "WWE NXT" Champion, Gargano has been criticized by certain sections of the pro wrestling community.


"I think I'm like an easy target for people to be like, 'That guy doesn't look like a wrestler, he's bad,' sure I guess," he told "Insight with Chris Van Vliet."  "But, I think wrestlers, especially in 2024, come in all different shapes and sizes."

While Gargano admitted he's an undersized average white guy who isn't super athletic, he has managed to enjoy a brilliant career so far, despite the fact he has low self-esteem and admits to hating his own work. Gargano believes his popularity is because he has a relatable factor, which has certainly proven to be true. This was particularly clear when he was part of "NXT" and he became one of the biggest babyfaces in the sport with his underdog style winning fans over.


"I think there's two types of stars, I think there's stars like The Rock where you're like, 'I want to be The Rock, man I would love to be The Rock one day,'" he said. "Then there's people like me, where they go, 'I can see myself in Johnny Gargano, I could be Johnny Gargano,' and I feel like that's what I have going for me.

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