Johnny Gargano Breaks Down Evolution Of DIY Tag Team With Tommaso Ciampa Since WWE NXT

After a surprise return in October, Johnny Gargano has been making waves in the tag team scene with Tommaso Ciampa. Their team, #DIY, was most recently seen eliminating Alpha Academy and Indus Sher in a Tag Team Turmoil Match on "WWE RAW". Despite being eliminated by The Creed Brothers, #DIY's current run been well-received overall. During an interview on "Battleground Podcast", Gargano recounted the eight-year story of #DIY, and how his history with Ciampa affects him today.

"Me and Tommaso started in "NXT" like, 8 years ago at this point? And, our goal — you know, we always talked about it," Gargano recounted. "Like, we loved our run in "NXT;" we wanted to stay there forever." Much of #DIY's prestige comes from their distinguished time in "NXT." Gargano is a former "NXT" Champion, a three-time "NXT" North American Champion, and the first "NXT" Triple Crown Champion. Ciampa is also a two-time "NXT" Champion, while the pair together are former "NXT" Tag Team Champions. By the time Ciampa and Gargano made their way to the main roster, fans were clamoring for a #DIY reunion, and a return to greatness for both men.

"We always talked about what would happen if #DIY was on "Monday Night Raw?" And a lot of fans wanted that too!" Gargano said. "We've had our ups and downs throughout the years, but it has ultimately brought us closer together. And I don't think that there is a tag team, or a unit, that has gone through what me and Tommaso have, both on-screen and off-screen. We are closer than we've ever been, and we're excited to show the world what we're capable of."

Gargano thinks that DIY has grown past their days of betrayal.

Those familiar with Ciampa and Gargano's "NXT" run should also be familiar with their historic rivalry. Both men have betrayed the other, and the subsequent feuds are revered as some of the best in "NXT" history. As #DIY is reformed, there is concern regarding each man's integrity, and some may wonder if #DIY is destined to fall apart once more.

"So I do feel like we are at completely different parts of our life," Gargano said. "Literally me and Candice got married; moved to Orlando; me, Candice, Tommaso all lived together in a small apartment for probably a year. We grew together. And, here we are — we didn't even know how long we were going to be there!" Both men have grown considerably since the dissolution of #DIY, and Gargano cites this growth as something that distinguishes #DIY's current dynamic from its past.

"I feel like we're at such [a] different part now, because, now, I'm a dad. Tommaso's a dad. Like, literally, it feels like it's #Dad-IY more than #DIY," Gargano joked. "It feels like we're at a different part of our life, and do I think he's going to turn on me again? I don't know. I mean, to be fair, I turned on him too! So, maybe it's in the back of his mind more than mine. But I feel like right now we're on the same page and we really want to use our collective forces to try and make this run the best run it possibly could be."

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