AEW's Jeff Jarrett Gets Candid About Former Colleague, WWE's Road Dogg

Jeff Jarrett has admitted that BrianĀ "Road Dogg" James always impressed him from the moment they began working together. James took on the character of The Roadie, which was essentially to help prop up and enhance Jarrett's overall gimmick, but he always had a mind of his own at the same time, which Jarrett appreciated.


"We collaborated on stuff literally [from] day one," he said on "My World with Jeff Jarrett." "He's always thought that way. As he got going and when I came back and the DX days, he's always thought big picture, had a vision. He understands that, yes, the in-ring stuff is very important, but we've got to figure out music and entrance, the ins and outs, just the presentation from A to Z."

While Jarrett is still actively competing inside the ring alongside his backstage roles, James has opted to focus on life behind the scenes in wrestling as a priority. He's taken on a variety of roles from writing to producing, and in 2022 he even took on the role of Senior Vice President of Live Events, which previously belonged to Jarrett. However, Jarrett is not surprised when people praise James as he believes he's been right for the job for a long time.


"He's had his demons like myself and others," Jarrett said. "On his worst day, he's pretty damn creative, and he was. But clear-headed, he is fantastic. Always has been really, really good at seeing the presentation of professional wrestling as an entertainment product."

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